Shattering boundaries for boundless innovation

We are surrounded by and composed of fluids, and their boundary conditions control much of the physical world. In every fluid, flow is characterized and controlled by physical characteristics including Reynolds number, laminar flow, viscosity, density, miscibility, Newtonian behavior, and surface tension. Adjusting these factors can yield significant and unexpected changes, and create great new opportunities. Flight, batteries, and air conditioning are but a few examples of where engineers manipulated boundary conditions for useful purposes.

The human body is driven by trillions of cells, many filled with billions of proteins, which function completely on passive diffusion and active transport. By controlling diffusion and flow, cellular boundary conditions affect every action, from neurons to kidneys, from red blood cells to muscles. (Boundary conditions also control the differentiated expression of DNA.) As understanding and controlling the boundary conditions of air allowed man to land on the moon, we see similar breakthrough opportunities in living systems for an equally amazing effect.

Our company was founded by seasoned medical device entrepreneurs. Between us, we have started 8 companies, most of which were successfully exited or continue to thrive. With dozens of patents and a history of NIH funding, we work to break conventions every day. Regardless, we continue to dare mighty things.


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